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What Makes A HAMMERCO Hydraulic Breaker A Better Choice?



            A Hydraulic Breaker is only as good as the components used to make it. Most breaker manufacturers “sub-out” the

manufacturing process of all the individual components and then they assemble the product from the pieces. This practice

leaves manufacturer little quality control over the core components. This type of manufacturing process leads to poor

design and quality control, and sub-standard materials being used to build the breaker. Simply put, the more these outside

companies can save by using lesser-grade materials, the more profit they make in selling their manufactured

components to hydraulic breaker companies. 


          At HAMMERCO, our product engineers control the manufacturing and assembly process from start to finish

with no 3rd party involvement. We spec and purchase our own steel and raw materials, and we control the temper

process (both heating and cooling). This process also includes our work tools (steel). Further, our Cool Flow

Hydraulics Design uses an over-size oil valve to allow more oil to pass through the breaker and keep hydraulic

oil cooler, reducing wear on both tractor and breaker. We’ve also added an easy-to-view hydraulic temperature

gauge on the breaker for operator convenience.  A HAMMERCO Breaker is an oil fired Breaker. Nitrogen in a

HAMMERCO Breaker is used simply to dampen the shock of the hydraulic oil as it travels back to the tractor pump.

We do not use a diaphragm to retain nitrogen gas in the back head. Instead, we use the highest grade of seals which

eliminates constant re-charging due to loss of gas. A HAMMERCO Breaker can be used, then stored for months,

and then used again without any maintenance other than grease. A HAMMERCO Breaker can be stored and

transported in ANY position.Adjustability has been built into HAMMERCO Breakers to accommodate a variety

of tractors. Our Excavator Breakers have a simple oil flow adjustment valve to allow more flow or less flow

depending on the tractor output, material being processed and operator preference. 

HAMMERCO Hydraulic Breakers are built with 3 things in mind:


1) Long Life and minimal down time and expense

2) Hard Hitting – Yet minimizing wear and tear on the host tractor

3) Ease of operation and machine operator comfort


With your purchase of a HAMMERCO HYDRAULIC BREAKER you get all the benefits of a Class I Breaker,

and because we eliminated 3rd party manufacturing of components you get all this at Class II Pricing!

Add in our generous warranty terms  and an exceptional value becomes even better! 



Contact your HAMMERCO Dealer today or call 800-741-5157 for more information.





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