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GB E-Series Breaker

small to large size excavators



GB E-Series hydraulic breakers are designed for small to large size excavators. Operating machines range in weight from 13-70 tons. The E-series hammers are very similar to the T-series hammers, with the addition of an external valve housing and accumulator. The accumulator reduces irregular pulse pressure and improves striking power with a supply of accumulated gas pressure. 

GB 170E

Excavator weight (ton): 13-20


Hammer weight (lb): 2816


Tool diameter (mm): 120


Oil flow rate (gal): 24-32


Blows per min : 400-900 

GB 220E

Excavator weight (ton): 18-26


Hammer weight (lb): 4004


Tool diameter (mm): 135


Oil flow rate (gal): 33-40


Blows per min : 400-900

GB 300E

Excavator weight (ton): 25-32


Hammer weight (lb): 5258


Tool diameter (mm): 150


Oil flow rate (gal): 40-50


Blows per min : 300-600

GB 500E

Excavator weight (ton): 30-36


Hammer weight (lb): 6930


Tool diameter (mm): 160


Oil flow rate (gal): 50-65


Blows per min : 300-600

GB 540E

Excavator weight (ton): 38-45


Hammer weight (lb): 7980


Tool diameter (mm): 175


Oil flow rate (gal): 53-79


Blows per min : 250-500

GB 630E

Excavator weight (ton): 45-70


Hammer weight (lb): 10,030


Tool diameter (mm): 180


Oil flow rate (gal): 66-90


Blows per min : 250-500


Parts and Repairs 

  • Service
  • Repair
  • Rebuild
  • Working Steel (chisel)
  • Housing
  • Accumulator
  • Valve
  • Pistons
  • Tie Rods
  • Retainer Pins
  • Bushing
  • Bolts
  • Welds
  • Mounting Heads
  • Bracket types

Hammerco's Service Department can get the right parts at the right prices to get your hydraulic hammer up and running again, or we can repair and rebuild it for you! Missing bolts, cracked welds, damaged pistons, worn bushings, lost charge, or needing a work steel (chisel), our service techincens can tackle almost any job. We do quality repairs and use only quality parts, so we're not afraid to warranty our work. We do the repairs right the first time so your hydraulic breakers can get back on the job and stay there.

Contact Service Department for more information 



We rent and sell both new and used hydraulic breakers and attachments.

Contact us for pricing and further information. 

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