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Hydraulic Pulverizers destined for destroying the concrete after demolition. Our pulverizers give you the ability to separate the steel from the concrete, and to break down and densify the rubble waste to allow for much more efficient concrete waste removal. Our hydraulic pulverizers are equipped with very powerful cylinders and motors for maximum concrete crushing and pulverizing performance. They are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the greatest durability and longest life span, with an option of 360 degree rotational ability. 


Hydraulic Pulverizers

GB (General Breaker) - Komac


GB (General Breaker) 

Fixed Type Hydraulic Pulverizer GBP-300 

Single cylinder optimized for maximum crushing and pulverizing performance. 

High quality materials used for extended durability

Innovation of opening and shutting speed

  • Operating weight (kg): 2,334
  • Crushing Force (ton): 147
  • Cutting Force (ton): 270
  • Excavator (ton): 26-32 

Rotating Hydraulic Pulverizer 

Dual cylinders offer powerful crushing & pulverizing performance with increased jaw opening

360 degree rotational ability

Innovation of opening and shutting speed

High quality materials used for extended durability

Changeable jaw options giving much greater flexibility and efficiency   

GBMC-201 GBMC-301
Operating weight (kg) 1,650 2,630
Crushing Force (ton) 77 138
Cutting Force (ton) 225 335
Excavator (ton) 18-26 26-32

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Komac Hydraulic Pulverizers


Fixed Pulverizer











  • Equipped with the strongest level of cylinder to perform with the most power and efficency
  • Extreme stability and durability while maintaining a light weight profile
  • Cut steel structure and pieces with maximum cutting and crushing force
Item / model TRIS 22P TRIS 30P
Weight (kg) 1,800 2,350
Cutting Force (ton) 270 286
Crushing Force/ A (ton) 108 123
Crushing Force/ B (ton) 150 171
Crushing Force/ C (ton) 178 199
Crushing Force/ D (ton) 220 239
Excavator (ton) 18-26 26-32
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Hydraulic Pulverizer











  • Improvements from other pulverizers such as: reinforced cylinder, powerful motor, light weight center jaw
  • Reinforcement of anti-twisted cutter and anti-break cutter body
  • Cutter for additional convinence with easy repair and replacement access
Item / model TRIS 22PHR TRIS 30PHR
Weight (kg) 2,000 2,600
Cutting Force (ton) 165 229
Crushing Force/ A (ton) 53 73
Crushing Force/ B (ton) 72 102
Crushing Force/ C (ton) 97 134
Crushing Force/ D (ton) 145 201
Excavator (ton) 18-26 26-32

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